v0.5.0 Changelog


-4 new ship designs(i did them  some time ago but only now i managed to reformat them so they can be loaded in the game)

-1  spacestation

-the mechanics for the escapepod, now its fully functional

-the EVA suit, with its interactions

-separated the game into 6 gametypes

-added 3 new dynamic missions(the are different each time almost)

-new animations (ASC/escapepod)

-new SFX'es for building/magboots/.....

-implemented the sleeping/toilet needs

-new blocks

-new autodoor mechanics

-new chat commands


-new GUI design for new game panel

-new GUI for missions

-added more crosshairs


-doubled the tutorial training mission count

-removed the voiceovers(for now)

-made drones  slower so that they can be spotted(until i will ad a targeting system)

-modified the lore a little


-Replaced the buggy resolution setting with a easier and better one


Adrorium v0.5.0 (WIN64) 35 MB
Aug 26, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.0 (WIN32) 33 MB
Aug 26, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.0 (MAC) 49 MB
Aug 26, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.0 (LINUX) 52 MB
Aug 26, 2017

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