A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

0.6.0: What's new:   -crafting, farming, elevators, new Ship, 52 new blocks, new spacedock, new spacestation, complete console redesign, server listing, automated doors, ammo consumption+ reloading, new drone (worktime: 210hours)

Last update: v0.6.0   4-February-2018

0.6.1 is coming soon (5~30 march)(plans: control panel console, aux. power console, shield console, spotlight, landing pads, new shield system, new alarm system)

delayed again :(  :recipe/item modding, improved ship mobility, vehicles

What I've been working on in the first week: YouTube 0.6.1 week1 progress

Progress on 0.6.1:https://discord.gg/WsqnqH5

Fight enemy vessels, disable and loot them. Control your ship with a large variety of buttons in consoles(mainpower, weapons, engines...) and on blocks like doors, escapepods, ascs, airlocks and EVAsuitdocks. Advanced inventory system with many usable items for different uses.Build your ship (144 build blocks). Experience 0-Gravity and magnetic boots. Crafting and Framing (it's a survival game after all...).  Survive  your thirst, hunger, tiredness and morale in a procedurally generated galaxy filled with explorable space-stations, spacedocks, minable asteroids, derelicts, planets and other poi's. REGULAR BIG UPDATES   every 1-2 months.

The game is in prototype phase so  many features aren't finished yet. 

I work on Adrorium whenever I have free time and purely as a hobby, still I have big plans for it.

Got a suggestion/ want to talk about the game?   Come to Discord-> https://discord.gg/6MfbrcA,

0.6.0  ->Crafting, farming, elevators, new Ship, 52 new blocks, new spacedock, new spacestation, complete console redesign, server listing, automated doors, ammo consumption+ reloading, new drone

0.5.4   ->New engine console, mineable asteroids, Riroa5 got refitted, new blocks, new airlock mechanism, new ores, working  saving & multiplayer, custom cargo spawner

0.5.3   ->New weapon console, working pistol, new ship weapons, new objectives for the game, drone AI, projectiles

0.5.2-warping system, brand new console, collisions, planet, collisions, infinite universe

0.5.1-save&load, multiplayer, new items, new gui for equipped item, new helmet, new player models

0.5.0-More ships&spacestation, 3 missions, working escapepod, EVA suit(+mechanics), new gametypes, new building blocks, new tutorial

v0.4.9 -warp, tutorial, voiceovers, lore, design

v0.4.8 brings new mission~tutorial, lore , warp, can use food&water, new voice-overs, many bugs fixed

v0.4.8 has  sound effects and  a theme for the game, i composed/recorded everything

v0.4.7.1 comes with many bug fixes and with new gui system.                                                                                       

Published Aug 16, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreSimulation, Survival
Tags3D, buttons, Crafting, Exploration, farming, First-Person, Loot, Space, Space Sim
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 16

Install instructions

Download, extract & run, you clever boy.


Adrorium 0.6.0 (WIN64) 70 MB
Adrorium 0.6.0 (MAC) 85 MB
Adrorium 0.6.0 (WIN32) 68 MB
Adrorium 0.6.0 (LINUX) 87 MB

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it would be cool if you put a construction inventory in creative mode, much like minecraft.

I plan to completely rework the building system in the future with a room based construction in a spacedoock and with individual components built by first creating a frame and adding items to it in order to assemble functional blocks. I do not plan to make Adrorium a game in which you can casually hold enough resources in your pocket to build a death star...  I just finished yesterday making a creative menu from which you can easily select what blocks you want to build I will be posting a clip today with it on discord, check it out if you are interested. The creative menu will be in the next update(2-4 weeks from now). What you are saying is not hard to do but i don't want to develop something that i will completely replace in the future.

okay. thanks ! by the way, adrorium is a awesome game

Thank you, also these are the latest things i worked on in the last week:

The Tutorial Is very HARD to beat (in the part of the buttons) BUT is pretty good the game, one bad thing:Bugs, When you Jump The Guy Traspass the ship

I will make the tutorial more intuitive in the future.   Yes i noticed the jumping problem and i will increase the magboots stickiness.


This has a crap ton of potenial, Id like to see where it gopes

Hello, I love the game. But how to join a server ??

I am still working on the LAn support(if all works well it'll come in 0.5.1). For the internet support it's a different story, that will come  later in game.

You cant bruh

the moues sensitivity is VERY buggy,it wont let me move my mouse.HELP!

Could you be more specific? Where? In menu? While playing? While accessing the inventory? While driving?(for the last one maximize the engine console outputs and change the reactor to full output mode for better ship maneuverability). Otherwise while you are not in first person view the mouse is literally not bound to the game, it's moving as it moves on your desktop. Try redownloading?

tehres a third person  mode

For the player no but for the ship there was in a earlier version but i deleted it because i had problems aligning the cannon fire with the reticle, still i want to bring 3rd person view to Adrorium soon.

cool, it would be nice for the players to have it too though!

you should add in a GPS/waypoint system in so you can keep track of stuff, also add a survival mode where you can use resources to build ships!

Yes, the 'GPS' i plan to implement after i redo the drive seat as well as a targeting system. I know its a pain to find drones at the moment. As for resources, they will come from asteroids, traders and from looting disabled enemy vessels. Buildmode will be split into shipdesign in spacedock(for the hull) and component based for the interior/exterior objects. Thing is: all these are very hard to implement and right now  I want to finish the LAN support and the continue option as well as any easy to do thing that don't require a lot of redesigning the game framework. Still the features you mentioned will come soon.


that will be nice!

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this game  is SO COOOOL if we know the commands xD

(and please fix the 'continue option ;) )

All commands are written under the chatbox, just press Enter(in any gamemode) and you'll see them. Also Version 0.5.1 will come with: FPS optimizations; -Continue option and  -LAN support(if  everything works to plan). My guess is that 0.5.1 will be ready in less than 2 weeks.

thanks :)

How many people can play in the LAN?

I didn't make the Lan work yet, in future versions i will implement it but the idea is that  the Max player number is only limited by your bandwidth. I guess as many as you want to answer your question.


this game is awesome! but it has some problems:

in creative mode u dont have a space suit, so u cant enter any good ship

and more stuff.

just MAKE IT!

In creative mod you can't enter in only one of the ships(riroa v5)(i needed it for the tutorial), the rest are accessible,  but if its creative why not delete that airlock door  on that ship and you are free to enter it. Next update will be somewhere between 2-3 weeks from now and i will be spending a lot more time from then on improving the game.

ok tnx. just DO IT!

you are being a little rushy, but I support your enthusiasm, this game is really cool.

this game Is really good can't wait till you improve it further try adding planets and being able to land on them there doesn't have to be anything but it would still be cool I dont know why but it seems unique to me in a way please finish it!



the mouse sensitivity here is very inconsistent, it's fine when I'm not piloting a ship but when I do, the sensitivity is so low I cannot progress any further into the story mode, thanks

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the rotation speed is dependent on the  reactor output mode, on the engine sets1&2 and on the engine  system output, it also says that in the tutorial,  try maxing all the engine console scrolls and change the main power to full output mode(as the tutorial says). Also on the engine console it says the ship maneuverability factor (120 is max)

(Edited 1 time)

sadly that is way too low, turning around is nearly impossible. but for a spacecraft it's really slow too, i estimate a bit faster than a car (EDIT: no, a bit faster than you walk), with warp jumps of a few hundred metres before the engine needs recharging, wouldn't mind if it wouldn't take minutes, but seconds to recharge. it's a bit like you expect an airplane but get a hot air balloon.

Sure rotating shouldn't be as fast as a person but for a such small ship taking hours (or at least about 15 minutes) to turn is just not enjoyable. it shouldn't be that much slower to rotate it around aother axis, at least if the one who built that ship didn't totally messed up.

Okay that rotating problem seems to be only in tutorial and storymode, in sandbox it's fine. Or at least better as you don't need to move your mouse a metre to move the crosshair/circle about a centimetre.

oh, and you shouldn't stop moving just because you aren't accelerating, there is nothing (or at least not noticable much) stopping you in space.

But it has quite some potential.

If you follow the steps i told you the ship will rotate much faster, it takes me 5.63 seconds to do a full 360 rotation with the ship. Are you sure you did everything to the letter? As for the movement of the ship, i didn't have time to polish it, i plan to make it realistic and inertia based just like the player in jetpack mode. If you ask me 360 in  ~6 seconds is a bit to fast for a ship. I made a guide on how to make the ship as fast as it can go/rotate:

now i know what was wrong, the slider for the reactor output goes from right to left instead of the normal (and used for example for the weapons) left to right, the tutorial does not mention it when you do it wrong, numbers (at least for me) are lowest left and highest right, another indicator, that right seems to be the highest setting.

but with the now right settings one is faster, is able to rotate better and the jumps big enough to not find the station again, but that doesn't mean much as it is hard enough from just a few kilometres away, perhaps a pulsating red or green light on top and bottom would help with the latter.

6 seconds are fine, but i don't seem to get that fast about half minute (at about 100fps) is as fast as it gets for me, for such a small ship, could even be faster, but we don't want players to throw up, aren't we?

then there's only the issue with momentum and perhaps putting some use to the things one can get: the pistol doesn't work, the parts just need room but aren't needed, there is nothing damaging anything for getting fixed with the tape and oxygen isn't needed either. and it needs collissions for the ship, as i got too comfortable just standing up from the chair to loot and then sitting down again to fly away.

until now i see much potential but much to do, too.

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Well, thank you, but keep in mind that Adrorium is just a prototipe in pre-Alpha, I just started working on it several months ago so considering the complexity the game doesn't have very much to offer yet because i didn't have time to implement a lot of features but they will come, don't worry. Actually i have a To do list with 105 things that i have to implement and the list is only related to the few aspects i am working right now, otherwise i got thousands of ideas. So if you see a cheap jerry-rigged mechanism in the game it's not because i choose to make it look bad but bc it's a placeholder for a better system that i will be implementing in the future. Adrorium is a very complex game and i don't have time to work on every single aspect at the same time, i take it one step at a time.

The tutorial only allows you to progress to the next step when you changed the sliders to max output(and for the plasma-electricity ratio slider i didn't have time to make it a mission, i considered that ok not to be touched atm). Furthermore the actual plasma/ele. output values are displayed on the console  right to the buttons. Also  it says if you are outputting more plasma or electricity and on engines it's written connect to plasma grid so it should be logic that more plasma+lower electricity output would increase the plasma powered engines). Still i have big plans to redesign the whole tutorial and to implement some warnings when the engines aren't used at max potential but that will come a lot later in development because now i'm concentrating on the core game mechanics. Also the plasme-electricity ratio slider is not counter-intuitive because it's sliding direction doesn't represent how much plasma is produced but how much plasma is transformed into electricity.

P.S. a rudimentary targeting system (for locating  drones/planets/stations) is in that 105 to do's list. Right now i'm working on the multiplayer system.  If you have any sugestions or any problems you find with the game i have a discord server where we can talk. https://discord.gg/6MfbrcA

for me mouse doesn't  work you have to go around trying to click buttons when the light up  how to fix ?

in the tutorial you can only click the buttons that the tutorial stage allows you to, if you want to press them free, disable the tutorial- press P

is the "run, you clever boy. " a reference from doctor who?

and remember



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Not again, please.

How to extract the game, I don't know what to do with the whole bunch of data. Somebody hellllps!!!!!

For which platform?  They are all Zip  archives, just use winrar/winzip/other archive decompress-er programs.

if its on mac go to contents then macOS right click it and open with terminal it will open the terminal but also the game

It's works, thanks!!!!!!!

Looks really good man, well done!

Thank you!

good game but i know some ideas  for you make the fighter fly and some large astroids for building

but your a great dev 

Oh happy to hear that, i always need feedback, here's a link  for chat/announcements/feedback :https://discord.gg/6MfbrcA(Discord).

Hey, I just found your project and thought it is really interesting. Just wanted to say that I have some basic modelling experience and I would very pleased to help you out with that aspect of the game's development. Let me know if you are interested.

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We'll speak on Discord.

Ok, talk to you on discord.

32 bit version?

I didn't export it in 32 for win, but because of your recommendation i will also publish a 32b version from now on, starting with the next patch

Ok, thanks for the reply!

hey the game crashes when i build even one block and when i launch the game again the data is reset
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Did you extract it before you started the game, running in archive causes problems, also i forgot to disable the buildmode in the mission, also the game is for windows 64, not for 32(86).  On my laptop it works just fine, perhaps try redownloading? :D. Btw I   only verify the Windows versions, the other platforms i can't test :(. Also are you looking at the ship when you are building? if not the game doesn't know on what ship to add the block to, you are supposed to look at a shipblock and that block must be 1.5 meters or close to 'register' the ship as the entity you are building on. Or perhaps the game doesn't have the authority to create a savefile(try moveing it to an unrestricted location on drive  or try running as administrat0r). Thank you for your feedback, this will be a thing i will investigate when making the next build.

hey the game crashes when i build even one block and when i launch the game again the data is reset

i cant use water or food

I'm working on it, it should be done by tomorrow or even tonight if i have time to put that in inbetween implementing the story.

Well i like the game but... easier flying pls? XD  and better build mode.... idk what i am doing with that xD

I plan on redoing the ship movement completely, as for player movement, you have magboots for ship interior and jetpack for empty space , G toggle between them,  the buildmode is just a dev too that i use to design ships, i will remove this feature and replace it with a system assembling mode and a dry dock ship editing, to be ore realistic

Well i like the game but... easier flying pls? XD  and better build mode.... idk what i am doing with that xD

The first minecraft game that is not minecraft

Yes :) i only have the building system for designing the ship(s) as a dev, i will make the ship hull editable only as a whole room and in a dock, otherwise i only plan on having small systems(weapons/consoles...) editable by component and not as a whole block

But.. .. i still want to build my own ship later and not just edit it T.T

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Hmm, i didn't add a 1 block ship for building purposes, I've been planning to but i didn't have time.  It'll be in future patches. As for the building system, that will be a option in the later  game, but it will be different: it'll be  split it into hull editing(only in spacedocks/room design ) and interior building(component based). I also plan on putting the ships player designs in creative be able to be bought in space-stations in sandbox.

"spacedocks" do you mean that there are going to be big space stations? maybe where you can buy stuff and uprgrade stuff? or is that in the game and i never found that because i am toooo stupid to fly xD

In the current version there are already spacestations with aliens that give you missions.(there's one in each gametype) In the future versions yes i will make space-docks that give you the option to upgrade systems/make ship bigger, but for now there's only one type of spacestation.   if you can't find it, use the chat command to spawn it(press enter, type "/spawnship spacestation"). Also if you can't drive the ship, maximise the engine console scrolls and  change the power output of the reactor to full power, ship mobility&speed is proportional to these. I already made a currency in the game that will be used to buy stuff.

I like this.  Nice work.  The interaction with the ship takes some time to learn but is more realistic than I've seen before.  I was a kid when Elite came out and miss this sort of game.

Thank you :), a crucial aspect about this game will be the buttons/ levers/ interactive panels and such.

Finally found something with that one element.

Boarding other ships.

Now if only I could drive one.

i can rig some low quality interactions between disabled enemy ships and player so that they can be repaired and driven