v0.4.8 Changelog



-The belt is now scroll-able! with the mouse scroll

-Functionality for the sound sliders


-created and added sprites for backpack, for belt and for cargo-box and for a key-bind info

-realigned all the inventory related sprites

-resized all the item sprites to fit in the new slot sprites

-solved some raycast blocking bug in gui caused by the larger sprites


-rotation in buildmode now rotates the cube  properly at 90dg even if the ship has been moved


-Adrorium is no longer silent!!!     

-Added sfx's for: walking, jumping, pressing buttons, opening/closing stuff  and many more

-spent a lot of time editing the audios to normalize the volume and pitch and to make them as loop-able as possible

-Composed and added a theme melody(some time ago, but added it only now)


Adrorium v0.4.8 (Windows) 22 MB
Aug 18, 2017

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