v0.5.4 Changelog

    -New engine, thruster and gyros blocks
    -Other new blocks: 2 new cargoboxes, drydock and bridgewindow
    -New Engine console complete with 25 buttons
    -New fully functional airlock mechanism(for both airlocks)
    -16 new ore items
    -Riroa5 got refitted
    -Optimised gtaphics(LOD and transarency fixes)
    -Tweaked some sounds to match best volume
    -Implemented the engine blocks speed calculations
    -New asteroid model+animation
    -New asteroid cracking+picking up ores
    -Drive seat display got a lot more infos and options
    -Added ability to enable autopilot and fly vectorial rather than thrust based
    -Added camera shake to explosions
    -Made the explosion/projectiles sound work and be 3D/atenuate over ddistance
    -Repaired the Save/Cntinue option and integrated a lot more parameters that get saved including console buttons, ship states and cargo tags;
    -Created framework for spawning custom cargo content for startup and for enemy loot;
    -Created cargotags to indicate content and made acces animations;
    -Repaired the Multiplayer, it's still limited to only position and rot updates but it works again;
    -Made the custom remote ship spawning for multiplayer
    -Added new planet and sorted out te existing ones;
    -Made a lot of order and optimisations in my code
    -Made the reloading for SSMFMJ and for rockets[R]
    -Solved a gazillion bugs as usual...
    -Implemented the difficulty setting in the cargo spawner
    -Tweaked maxstack values, made a more efficient and complex cargo sortin algorith
    -Updated the tutorial for the new blocks/mechanics/console
    -Optimised asteroid spawner code to generae more efficient and more realistic asteroids;
    -Increased logotime and tweaked settings;


Adrorium v0.5.4 (WIN64) 68 MB
Dec 23, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.4 (WIN32) 66 MB
Dec 23, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.4 (MAC) 83 MB
Dec 23, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.4 (LINUX) 85 MB
Dec 23, 2017

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