v0.5.3 Changelog

     -DRONE AI

    -14 new blocks like workbench, airlock and     furnance
    -4 new ship weapon types: gatling, rail, rocket l., plasma c., complete with front and side variants
    -new projectiles(2 bulets, seeker missiles, railcones and plamsa balls)
    -Made the pistol able to fire
    -Reworked how the materials are distributed to the models;
    -Optimised the graphics
    -Added new Weapons console
    -Made the option(mod) to create&import your custom ship;
    -Redesigned the creative gametype to better fit its functionality
    -Added actual goals to sandbox and story
    -Cahnged how sound is processed and how it propagates for better realism
    -I solved a gazzilion bugs
    -I reworked hot the player movement works;
    -Fixed the graphics on some models;


Adrorium v0.5.3 (WIN64) 36 MB
Nov 12, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.3 (WIN32) 34 MB
Nov 12, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.3 (MAC) 51 MB
Nov 12, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.3 (LINUX) 54 MB
Nov 12, 2017

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