v0.5.2 Changelog

    -new warp mechanics and vfx
    -new console(main power)-about 4 times more complex than the previous model(+updated the tutorial)
    -complete rework of how plasma&electricity is calculated
    -Infinite Universe: now you can go as far as you want without any problems
    -reworked the mechanics behind fireing the main cannon
    -Collisions are finnally here
    -new LOD models
    -updated Unity to 2017.1.1f1
    -performance optimisations
    -completly reworked the way blocks are generated
    -added a planet :0
    -completly reworked the lighting system
    -added animations for changing between pers. thruster and magboots
    -GUI tweaks here and there
    -many bugfixes
    -changed the menu drone to a planet+warping
    -updated and more organised debugs


Adrorium v0.5.2 (WIN64) 39 MB
Sep 21, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.2 (WIN32) 38 MB
Sep 21, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.2 (MAC) 54 MB
Sep 21, 2017
Adrorium v0.5.2 (LINUX) 57 MB
Sep 21, 2017

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i cant seem to get the new power console to work the only button that works is connect to auxilary grid all others dont react to me ineracting with them

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first connect console to aux grid, then connect it to the  system then connect the main power to: aux grid and to plasma grid then proceed to start the reactor

watch this from 00:20